One of my major goals already partially dedicate myself today. Trading is a way to get through financial independence through market. Despite working with several markets, I have specialized in the foreign exchange market or FOREX market. Some of my current projects are linked to this activity.

Technology & Design

My training and profession, Technology Consultant demands me while pushing me to always be aware of the new technology that gives us a discipline that I love and also dedicate part of my time. Specifically, I focus on related disciplines with Web Design

Social Media & Enterpreneur

The enterpreneurship and start-up workd caught my attention since I started to get involved in technology projects. The increase of a own project is a real satisfaction and great reward. I always want to participate, if my time allows me, in a new projects with high potencial performance.

"If you want different results do not always the same"

Albert Einstein.

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The importance of being diferent

One of the causes of the economic growth of the late century and early today has been the development of what we call Economies of Scale. Despite assume an obvious advantage for commercial and business adding something as valuable as flexibility, implementation of these measures also has a dark side that makes the saving of prime costs too often above other concepts that should be priority. Now more than ever we must be different from the herd and think and focus our business activity or completely different

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