One of my major goals already partially dedicate myself today. Trading is a way to get through financial independence through market. Despite working with several markets, I have specialized in the foreign exchange market or FOREX market. Some of my current projects are linked to this activity.

Technology & Design

My training and profession, Technology Consultant demands me while pushing me to always be aware of the new technology that gives us a discipline that I love and also dedicate part of my time. Specifically, I focus on related disciplines with Web Design

Social Media & Enterpreneur

The enterpreneurship and start-up workd caught my attention since I started to get involved in technology projects. The increase of a own project is a real satisfaction and great reward. I always want to participate, if my time allows me, in a new projects with high potencial performance.

"There is no alternative but to try, and try and try again"

Zygmunt Bauman.

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¿What is a financial derivative?

In today´s episode we are going to talk about derivatives. As a financial product, a derivative is something complex and different from the one faced by a trader who makes the leap to a more active operation than that made by a traditional investor in markets

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